Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Awkward by Jack Prelutsky

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This is a recording of me reading a poem for one of my online courses. I wasn't able to post it right in the class discussion for some reason, so I posted it here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Wisdom Has Been Removed

Or at least my wisdom teeth...

It came the time for one of them to come out and I decided that I only wanted to deal with the pain once and get them all removed. I was pretty OK with everything before the surgery. I knew the following week or so would suck and I wouldn't be able to eat everything I wanted and I would be sore, but its a pretty routine surgery.

So, they put me in the chair and hooked me up to the saline (sp?) and took my blood pressure. At this point, they showed me a DVD of the post-operative care and the complications that could arise. That sucked. I am a worry wart when it comes to my health, and now I had all these things to worry about-not good.

The doc came in and spoke with me and said he was going to start my meds, but it wouldn't be like in the movies when they had people count down and they wouldn't get past 8. The he talked with me for about a minute more and I remember nothing else until I woke up in the recovery room an hour later. That is a weird feeling. I have no idea how they got me in there. I must have had to use my own movements, but I recall nothing. It was an odd experience.

The next day, my cheeks had swelled up so much, I could barely move my mouth. My mom told me that it didn't look that bad, but when dad got home, he said I looked like a chipmunk. At least chipmunks are cute. Then I found out that they had lied to me. The next day, my swelling had gone down quite a bit, and my parents felt like they could be honest with me. They told me that I had looked like someone with Down Syndrome. I wish they had kept lying to me...

It is now 5 days after the surgery and I am still taking Ibuprofen a few times a day to keep the pain down, but I'm hoping I won't need it soon. I have really gross yellowish cheeks since the bruises from my swelling is healing, but otherwise I am pretty much back to normal appearance-wise.

I really miss tacos and chips. I can go days without eating things, but the minute I cannot have them, I WANT them. Life is irritating in that way...