Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Humane Society, Homework and a Temp Job

Today, my boyfriend and I went to the Humane Society to look at kittens. We have Milo, but I want him to have a friend. I feel bad when we leave him all by himself. I know he is "just" a cat, but I love him! (Everyone that meets him does!)
There are lots of great cats where we went, a few of my favorites are Freedo, Charlie, Finnigan, and Yuma. But, we want a young male kitten who gets along with other cats, and none of them quite fit that description...
Anywho...the perfect kitten was there: male, still little, long golden hair, cute as could be...but someone else adopted him before we got a chance to look at him :( We left at the same time as the people who did adopt him and we wanted to follow them and steal the cat, but we didn't. The perfect kitten for us will come along when the time is right. Now may not be the best time since my online summer class through UWM just started and...
I start at a temp job tomorrow! Last week, after receiving the bad news that I did not get the job I was hoping for, I went around to some of the staffing agencies in my area and a couple days later, Manpower called me with a job! It will only last 2-3 weeks, but its full time and pays decent, so I'm happy! Plus, it is data entry, which isn't the most exciting thing, but it is good experience for other office jobs I may apply for in the future.

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