Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Cut, It, Out"

This week, Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone from Full House) came to the Comedy Quarter in Neenah, so of course, we had to go! First, because I was a big fan of Full House growing up so it was exciting for me, and secondly, they have the best strawberry daiquiris I have ever tasted.
The show was great. I thought he might not be as funny, but he really was. And he was pretty family friendly, not any swearing. He said the word "genitalia" at one point, but that was it. He promoted his tour with some other guys called the "Clean Guys of Comedy", which is a group of comedians that are family friendly.
We also got to meet him after the show. I didn't think of him as a celebrity until I got to be face to face with him. The I realized that this guy is kind of a big deal...hes friends with John Stamos! So I clammed up and just said the same crap everyone else probably says to him, "I'm such a big fan" "I think you're so funny" "I used to watch you when I was growing up", blah blah blah. Not real original...but oh well. I got an autograph and we got our picture taken with him. He was a really cool guy. I would definitely go and see him again!

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