Friday, July 23, 2010

Purray Furray Murray

Meet Murray. The new edition to our little family. Hes furry, he purrs a lot (so hes purry) and his name is Murray, hence the title of this blog entry. We got him from Happily Ever After, a humane society in Green Bay. I picked him out because he was cute AND he was born in the same small town I was. I guess I saw it as fate.
My other cat Milo took a day or so to fully warm up to Murray, but Murray felt right at home the minute I carried him into the house. Milo greeted him with a hiss and then followed him all over the house while he explored. Here is a video of it, if you care...
Murray has made a nice little edition to our family. He is cute, lovable and loves attention. His few flaws are that he stinks when he uses the litter box and he likes people food too much. This makes it difficult for the people in this house to eat without him trying to stick his face in it, especially since he sometimes succeeds.
Now that Milo and Murray have become comfortable with each other, Milo has proved to be a great big brother. He is always giving Murray baths in between play fighting with him (Murray starts it). When Murray cries, which he often does over nothing, Milo is often found close by shortly after. So, any concerns I had about Milo and Murray not getting along were quickly diminished.
They can often be found in different spots like this, cuddled together in the bucket and towels we'd set out when our roof was leaking during heavy rain.

You can see more videos of these guys and whatever else I feel like posting on Youtube at

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